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We are manufacturing Digital fabric printing machine and are also known as suppliers of textile fabric printing machine in India.

Rooted in Surat in 2014, Scolour Technologies was earlier known as YCMK Technologies. Initiated by pacesetter Mr. Hemant Patel, the company has manifested many milestones of success. Tremendous experience in textile printing machines and technologies has made Scolour Technologies acquire the foremost position in the market for textile machinery. Mr. Hemant has an incredible experience with textile printing machines and technologies. He has even derived the Rotary Inkjet Engraver Forward Reverse Spiral Printing Technology which is very popularly used by amateurs of Textiles Industries in India as well as out of India.

We offer unique turnkey solutions to our patrons covering all their business, institutional and industrial applications. In a systematized pursuit of the very unsurpassed technology, the company is tantamount to manufacturing high-quality machines that are quick and simple to use. Our hoary tradition of quality means we offer a broad range of products including Flat / Rotary Inkjet Engraver, Flat/Rotary UV Laser Engraver & Digital Textile printers.

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Our product portfolio is divided into Digital fabric printing machine, Rotary machines, Flatbed Machines, Digital printers, and all types of inks for imaging flat screens and rotary stencils. Depending on the area of ​​application, we offer different resolutions, head systems, exposure units, and machine sizes. The machines are manufactured in modular design according to the customer’s requirements.

Rotary Machines

  • UV laser Rotary Engraver
  • Rotary Ink-Jet Engraver
  • Rotary Screen Laser Stripping Machine
  • Rotary Screen Developing Machine

Flatbed Machines

  • UV laser Flatbed Engraver
  • Flatbed Ink-Jet Engraver
  • Flatbed Thermal Jet Machine
  • Flatbed Screen Developing Machine
  • Vertical Flatbed Inkjet Engraver

Our Products Machines, Ink & Printer

Our offering includes total solutions for textile and label printing as well as industrial machinery products.

UV Laser Rotary Engraver

UV Laser Flatbed Engraver

Rotary Ink-Jet Engraver

Flatbed Ink-Jet Engraver Machine

Vertical Ink-Jet Engraver Machine

Rotary Screen Laser Stripping

Rotary Screen Developing Machine

Flatbed Screen Developing Machine

Digital Printing Machine

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We have done this throughout the years and hope to achieve it in years to come. We will never forget our roots. We are still pushed forward by the kind of industrial amazing abilities that has been a tradition in India.

At the same time, we possess that absolutely clear & strong desire for exploration from which top-class ideas and designs are born. – “Gartex Process India


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As the inventors of rotary screen printing we have a wealth of expertise for you to benefit from.

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Our Software Solution

A trusted innovation partner of market leaders worldwide

Our Software Solution

A trusted innovation partner of market leaders worldwide

The latest innovation in the field of digital fabric printing machine is Digital textile Printing machine. Digital Fabric Printers are compact, offer a lucrative Total Cost of Ownership, give the option of millions of colors to choose from, and the possibility of unique design, every time. It is able to meet short runs, faster turnaround, and higher standards of quality – giving customers the flexibility to bring ideas faster to the market. Designed to print directly on natural and synthetic fabrics, our Cloth Printing Machines incorporate the latest technology and efficient Indian engineering to meet the ever-growing demands of the textile industry. Cotton being the most used fabric in the textile industry, our Cotton Fabric Printers come in two forms – Digital and Sublimation fabric printing machines.